Name: MVP
Price: 30.00 USD

[MVP] prefix in chat.
The ability to use color codes on signs.
The ability to mine mob spawners. (SkyBlock) (Islands Server Has No Spawners)
Access to a custom [MVP] kit.
20 Items listed in Auction House
All Commands From Preceding Rank

/sethome (up to 20 homes)
Set personal homes which you can later revisit.
Delete existing personal homes.
Warp to existing personal homes..

Skyblock Sign to Auto Sell Chest Items
Display the item ID and information attached to an item.
Cook/smelt Item in hand
Ignore bothersome players.
See when a player was last online.
/pv (1-10)
Access to 10 Private Vault
Summon a friend to your location.
Scan the radius for nearby players.
Scout the inventories of other players.
Warp to the point where you last were prior to a teleport.
Withdraws money from your balance onto a note.
Set and change a nickname of your choice.
Trade items with another person without being at risk of getting scammed.
Clears your entire inventory.
Browse in-game crafting recipe tutorials.

Fills your hunger bar.
/fix hand
Repair the item in your hand.
Adjust the time of day.
/fix all
Repair all of the items in your inventory and the armor you have on.
Activate god mode; making you unable to take damage.
The ability to Fly

MVP Kit (24 hour cooldown):
MVP Helmet
Diamond Helmet: Protection VI, Unbreaking V
MVP Chestplate
Diamond Chestplate: Protection VI, Unbreaking V
MVP Leggings
Diamond Leggings: Protection VI, Unbreaking V
MVP Boots
Diamond Boots: Protection VI, Unbreaking V
MVP Sword
Diamond Sword: Sharpness VII, Fire Aspect III, Looting V, Unbreaking V
Bow: Power VI, Punch III, Flame III, Infinity I, Unbreaking V
MVP Pickaxe
Diamond Pickaxe: Efficiency VII, Fortune V, Unbreaking V
Diamond Axe: Efficiency VII, Fortune V, Unbreaking V
MVP Shovel
Diamond Shovel: Efficiency VII, Fortune V, Unbreaking V
4x Super Golden Apple

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